M A C Select Sheer Loose Powder

So yeah, I suck for not updating more often. Anyway. I'm going to review today MAC Cosmetics Select Sheer Loose Powder. I bought this a few weeks ago for about $21 from the MAC store in Towson. I was really excited because I remembered a friend of mine getting some MAC powder and it looking really fabulous on her.

I bought the wrong one.

Don't get me wrong, it does provide excellent coverage. It does exactly what powder is supposed to do. But you have to buy a specific kind of brush in order to use it. I've been using a kabuki-type brush (Smashbox #19, face and body brush) to apply it and I end up seeing clouds of product swirling off into the air (or even worse, landing on my shirt). I tap off all the excess product like I'm supposed to, but I still end up losing some in the application process. And once I've tapped it off, I can't really tell where I've applied it and where I haven't. The difference isn't immediately apparent, which annoys me.

So, in the end, I don't recommend it. Unless you're going to buy the correct brush and have the MAC salesperson give you a demonstration. Neither of which I did because 1. the salespeople when I bought it were both busy and ignoring me and 2. I had a perfectly adequate brush at home and didn't realize I'd need something specific.

I have a bunch of new stuff to review, so I'll get to all of it hopefully this week. Thanks for reading!