Makeup Look - Rock Out Bronze

Omg. Seriously. Why don't I update this more???
Its been a long summer. And hot. I have some mineral foundation reviews coming. Promise. For realsies. (spoiler alert: bare minerals is not my fav)
Anyway, I have a new look that I made up on the spot while rushing to get to an alumni event (which had the time changed and ALL the alumni, including me, missed it. fuckers.) So I got all pretty for no
thing. Oh well. I call this one Rock Out Bronze, because its late and I've been drinking and can't think of a better name. I should have taken pictures when I first did it, it would look better, but que cera cera.

  • Pur Minerals foundation primer
  • Flirt! correcting concealer
  • Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Foundation in blush medium
  • Smashbox Softlights blush in Tint

  • Two Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Kat Von D Memento Mori palette, the black shade (which if the names on the back of the palette line up with the shadows) in Tijuana (hereafter referred to as black)
  • Ulta Eyeshadow in Plum Smoke (kind of a deep dirty gold/bronze with a slight plum colored tinge to it, got it for like $.99 on a clearance table after the holidays last year) (hereafter referred to as bronze)
  • Kat Von D Memento Mori Palette, the gold/coppery color, I think its Meditation (hereafter referred to as copper)
  • Kat Von D Memento Mori Palette, the bright yellow, I think its Sugar Skull (hereafter referred to as yellow)
  • Kat Von D liquid eyeliner in Puro Armor
  • Peter Thomas Roth - Lashes to Die for black mascara
  • Maybelline Forever Color in Cocoa 210, its very matte, so if you wanna throw a gloss on top, feel free. I didn't and it looked great.
  • Apply the black shade in a V shape along the crease and the lash line, filling in the bottom of the "V" at the outer corner. Bring the black up a little, into the crease, but use your own judgment for a smokey look. Black's a tricky color and often is difficult to blend, so use it sparingly and always hedge on the side of too little and build up color a little at a time (I of course was in a hurry and had to work really hard to get it to blend!)
  • Use the bronze color all over your lid, up to the black and overlapping a little. Use a brush with nothing on it (or in my rushed case, the brush used to apply the bronze) to really work the black and bronze together.
  • Starting at the inner corner, work the copper color out till about a third of the way across the eyelid.
  • Apply the yellow color on the brow bone, and a little dab with a tiny brush on the inner corner.
  • Apply the bronze color in a thin sweep along the lower lash line, about 2/3 of the way, and finish up to the corner with the copper color.
  • Apply black liquid eyeliner (or pencil) thinly across upper lashline, getting thicker towards the outer corner. Apply a tiny bit of the black shadow on the edges if it looks too harsh (or if you used a pencil, take a small clean brush or a q-tip and smudge it a little). Things should be blended together, but not so much as to make your eyeliner invisible.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Do your face however you would do it. I'm not the type who keeps a hundred shades of blush on hand, I figure one soft pink and bronzer is adequate.
I'd upload pictures of the products, but its late and I gotta hit the hay. Two reviews coming up to look for: Kat Von D Memento Mori palette (which has been my FAV all summer) and foundations. I think I may have found one that works for me!