Day Long Review: Model in a Bottle Setting Spray

So, I never made a post about my trip to IMATS. Between moving and working, there just wasn't time. 

But one of the things I bought was Model in a Bottle setting spray, matte finish. I'd remembered hearing about it somewhere, and couldn't remember if it was good or not, but it was relatively inexpensive so I decided to buy it. 

I used it the day after IMATS for the first time. This shit BURNS when you spray it!!! What the hell is in it??? Clearly a ton of alcohol. And it makes your face kinda tacky, like my hair was sticking to my face, not for long, it does dry, but its weird.

So I've been using it since IMATS. Pretty much every day. And I've been breaking out a lot more. So, today, I'm making a day long review where I really pay attention to how it looks. 

8:30 AM 
Just sprayed for the first time today. You put it on after all your makeup, making sure that your mascara is completely dry. It burns your face. And also, the sprayer BLOWS. no matter how far away you hold it from your face, you can't get a nice even mist. You'll end up spraying it 8-9 times to get even coverage. Insert whatever TWSS jokes you want. It has an odd finish, once it dries and your hair doesn't stick to your face anymore. Being no stranger to spray mount, it feels a little like that. Kinda rough. It also does not give the best matte finish, despite claiming it does. Aside from a bit of color correction, this has not been photoshopped. Look at the shine on my nose!

11:50 AM
Three hours+ into my work day. And its a hot one today, although I'm in an air conditioned office. Aren't florescent lights lovely. I am totally a corpse.... Anyway, its holding my makeup on pretty well, despite the fact that my skin looks like a leather handbag... ugh. But thats the fault of my primer (just bought some new stuff, expect a review next week). I can feel the oil on my nose, forehead and chin (T-zone area) starting to bleed through, despite the fact that my cheeks feel a bit stiff and dry (they're not, its just the SHITTY finish of the setting spray). I'm already in the habit of being super aware of NOT touching my face, but with this stuff on, I feel like any touch will just wipe the makeup right off. The overexposure you're seeing in the picture on my nose is not really shine, or at least not much. Just low-quality iPhone camera combined with bad office lighting. There is a bit of shine though. And there will be more by the end of the day I expect.


Smokey Wednesday

I was in a hurry this morning. Went for a run that ran long. Ha! Smokey eyes are easy to do in a hurry, thats why I like them. Lots of shadows to hide your mistakes! Sorry for the picture quality. The lighting in my office is so freaking terrible and I don't have time to photoshop the hell out of these today. 

Base: Two faced Shadow Insurance, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil... the black one, dunno what the name is.
Outer corner: Inglot sparkly neutral (sorry, at work and I don't know remember the number)
Inner Corner: Urban Decay Naked 1, Sidecar
Crease and Lower Lid: Inglot matte chocolate brown
Liner: Kat Von D liquid in Puro Amor, Urban Decay 24/7 Eye pencil in Perversion, set with black shadow
Mascara: Smashbox Hyperlash mascara in jet black

Primer: Cover FX primer for Oily skin
Foundation: Makeup Forever Velvet Finish foundation
Concealer: MAC something or other (sorry, again at work and I don't remember, its in a squeezy tube)
Powder: Inglot Powder
Blush: Inglot Bronzer/Blush

Kat Von D lipgloss in Rocker

Hey, two posts two days in a row! Go me!!!