I'm an eyeliner freak. I love dark eyeliner, and always have. I've tried so many different kinds. I've spent as much as $10 and as little as $1 in my quest for the perfect eyeliner. I hate retractable/self-sharpening. And I dislike liquid and creme unless I'm going for a really specific thing. I also rarely stray from black eyeliner, and if its not black its dark purple or brown. My hesitancy is simply a lack of practice, and a lack of funds to buy every shade of eyeliner and play with them.

In any case, the absolute best black pencil liner that I have found is Beautique. It's available at Sally Beauty Supply stores, in a rack right by the register. Its about 18 inches long. And is not more than $4. Online its only $1.49, in the store I think its around $3.50 or so. It's great. Fantastic. My favorite of all time. (with the exception of Revlon powder liner which they no longer make). Its not waxy. Its soft enough to get a good dark line, but not so soft that you have to sharpen it every five seconds. It stays where you put it, but is easy to smudge with a smudger brush or your fingers if you want to. It comes off easy with whatever your preferred makeup remover is. And the best part is that its HUGE. Like I said, 18 inches long. For less than $4. I sharpen mine about every other use, or if I want a really precise line.

Overall, I highly recommend it.


  1. Remember when we both used to use Wet 'n Wild? You know, that stuff actually wasn't half-bad.

    I also hate liquid eye-liner. I think if you can properly appply it then it's a great thing, but I have never been able to. I become frusterated with the little wand. Also it's annoying when you're sharpening eyeliner and a big chunk falls out.

  2. Yes, it is very much annoying.

    You're right about liquid eyeliner, if you suck at it, stick with the pencil. Although I'm determined to get good at applying gel or cream eyeliner.

  3. i love liquid eye liner even tho it's still a challenge for me. But even more than that, I love to line my "waterline" on inner lash line & I need a pencil for that. I will have to try the beautique in black, it sounds like exactly what I need :)

  4. yes, i'm realizing that you need a pencil and a liquid/gel in order to really get a dramatic eyeline.

    beautique is still my favorite :)