My first blog. Ever.

I swore so many times that I would never have a blog. I found the whole thing idiotic. Why on earth would I care about what anyone has to say?

Well, as it turns out, I have something to say.

You may be wondering about the title of of this blog, as well as the adult content warning. I like to curse. Like a Tarantino movie. If thats a problem, move on. There are a million other make-up blogs out there. I'm sure you'll find one that works for you. I'm just as sure that the sugar sweet non-cursing blog you have will give you make-up reviews just as honestly and matter-of-factly as I will.

It's very likely that I won't update often. I'll try, but I'm lazy and un-motivated.

I'll give a quick review (because it's late and I futzed with the artwork for the title of this blog for a while because the color was off) of a brush I recently acquired at Target. Its a Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow crease brush. I couldn't find a picture, and didn't feel like taking one, so I'll describe it. It has a white wood (I think?) handle and black bristles, tapered into a point. Its not extremely silky hair, but soft enough that it doesn't matter. I find it perfect for blending into the crease. I can spread eyeshadow from the corner of my eye easy into the crease with a minimum amount of strokes. Control is a minor issue, as its not the highest quality of brushes and has some stray hairs that make it tricky to limit the blending to just the crease area, but a controlled and hand and some patience will do the trick. Its an economical buy, I think its on clearance right now for about $5. Overall, I recommend it.

That's it for this evening. Thanks for reading, and please continue to do so!

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  1. I know what Vortex of Sin means. Of course I do. Otherwise you wouldn't have sent me that email. Cute. I like that you kept the design we're going to use for that makeup line we're going to start one of these days.

    So as long as we're talking about makeup. I have a few gripes with MAC. Their packaging sucks. Everytime I buy something that has a clear plastic top it invariably pops off. Annoying and then the makeup inside chips away. That being said I must rave about MACs exfoliator. Amazing. Really polished my winter skin and foundation went on so much smoother. Found any good eyeliner lately? I'm in the market.

    <3 J