Hair curling!

OMG! Two posts in as many days... go me..

Last night I got it into my head that I wanted curly hair today. This is always a struggle with my stick-straight ultra-fine hair. I remembered having success as a kid with squishy foam rollers that you wear overnight. So I ran out to Target and bought these:

I put them in last night around 1am, in completely wet hair, then went to bed around 3am. I slept very poorly and woke up around 1pm. The rollers had been in for roughly 12 hours. The little fuckers were still slightly damp. I left them in for about an hour after getting out of bed, and aimed a hair dryer at a few of them, in hopes of drying them further. It was super curly when I first took them out. Its now been about three since I took them out. Here is my hair:

I'm actually pretty happy with the results. Its bouncy and voluminous and full of lovely texture. But I predict in about two hours it'll be back to straight. God damn my hair! Maybe I should just get a perm and be done with it.. ha.

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