Happy New Year!!

So, this is the year I fix things wrong in my life. I have a list of resolutions, though I hate to call them that because it just seems so passe. I added a new one today and installed an app on my phone to help. Which is to post in this damn blog at least weekly if not daily. Even if its just quick looks, or thoughts or whatev on beauty.

So... God/dess willing, there'll be a post tomorrow about job interview makeup, since I have an interview tomorrow! In the meantime, check out my nails that I did. Its a little bold for an interview, but I'm a graphic designer and I can get away with stuff like that, lol. Its China Glaze polish in "Breakin'". Its a pretty pumpkin-y orange with just a hint of a gold shimmer. I draw the orange from my logo, which you can see here.

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