Day Long Review: Moisturizer

So, all of last year I was unemployed. And it was awful. Being unable to afford decent moisturizer (and not wanting to slather mineral oil laden drugstore brand all over my face) I made do with whatever samples I had lying around. There was Algenist, Origins, Philosophy and others. I actually managed to make do without doing any damage to my skin. 

Now that I have a job, I've set out to find a new moisturizer for my terribly oily skin. After doing some research, I decided I'd give Clinique another go, despite my hatred of their "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion". Apparently the gel version of the same is a completely different story. I tried it on my hand in Sephora and actually liked the finish it gave once it dried. But I asked the very nice and personable sales lady for a sample first, since I don't want to commit to something and then hate it. 

So today I'm doing a day long review. Before starting, I'll mention what I'm also wearing as far as makeup:
Eyes: Inglot eyeshadows in various shades, NYX liquid eyeliner (look for a review on this soon), Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara.
Lips: Sephora + Pantone Universe Gloss Brilliant Dazzling Lipgloss in Peony
Face: Urban Decay Setting Spray - Deslick, Cover FX mattifying primer, Gorgeous Cosmetics foundation, Urban Decay concealer pencil, Inglot powder and blush, Urban Decay setting spray (again)

6:10 am: I like the gel consistency. I apply moisturizer with my fingers and tend to rub it over the pads of my three middle fingers on each hand in order to apply it evenly. With most lotion type moisturizers, this action can cause my usually dry hands to soak up some of the moisture, with the gel, that didn't happen, so I got the full dose onto my face. This probably means the stuff will go pretty far and I won't need a ton. All the tightness from cleansing in the shower was gone, but I didn't feel greasy or the need to really rub it into my skin.

8:08 am:

I put my makeup on at about 6:30 this morning, and its holding up pretty well. You'll have to forgive the terrible office lighting making me look a little like a corpse. What I'm looking for is for the moisturizer to not make my face feel like an oily mess by the end of the day (like the last sample I was using, handed to me by some lady at a kiosk in Arundel Mills Mall. Think its called Vivo or something like that. TERRIBLE) 

11:00 AM: Makeup's been on for about 4 and a half hours now. Weird to think I'm one of those people who gets up that early... But whatever. The picture is not really doing a good job of showing it, but the amount of oil is pretty low. I can see it starting to build up on my nose, but it seems to be staying put on the rest of my face. And considering I think I forgot the second round of my setting spray today... thats pretty good. So far digging the moisturizer.

3:00PM: Starting to get a bit shiny, but my face doesn't feel oily or greasy. Ok, my nose a little bit, but usually the oil in my face would have eaten through my makeup on my cheeks, forehead and nose by now and I'd be a hot mess. Considering this makeup's been on for almost 9 hours now... It's doing pretty well. I feel like I've been giving Clinique a bad rap for a while. Note that the headphones are now in both ears, showing that I've given up on any real work getting done today...

6:00pm: I didn't take a photo, as I was in the middle of something, but everything about my makeup still looked awesome, and my face felt lovely and not too oily. I think I actually like this moisturizer, but its still day one. I'll give it a few and see if my skin reacts strangely.

On a side note, I just gooped a bunch of Vaseline on my face so I could make plaster masks with a friend. Can't WAIT to see the breakouts I'll have tomorrow...

Have a good weekend everyone!

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