Happy New Year

Hey!! Oh right... I have a blog. 

Happy New Year everyone! So, last year was both awesome and terrible. I spent 378 days unemployed before finally finding a job with two days left on my unemployment! Huzzah! I also got myself in the best shape of my life with a (so far) loss of 80 pounds. I look great, I feel great. Between massive amounts of exercise, massive amounts of job searching and playing housewife to my roommate (who paid for the cable/internet and all the groceries last year, so I did his laundry and cooked his meals and kept the house clean in return) I just could never find the time to update this. 

I'm not going to make some lame resolution to update on a regular basis or anything... because I won't, and then I'll feel bad for failing. So, my new job is one of those feast or famine kind of things. We'll be insanely busy for a week, and then have a bunch of downtime. During those downtime parts, I'll do my best to post something here. I got a new digital camera for Christmas, with HD video capability, so hopefully I can start making video tutorials and possibly reviews soon too.

Guess that's it for now. Happy New Year again everyone!

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