NYX Liquid Liner Review

So, I had been using Kat Von D liquid black liner, and then it ran out. And I was broke. So I bought this instead, because its way cheaper. I can't remember exactly when I bought it, but it was quite a while ago, Summer 2012 at least, so there's a plus. Shit lasts forever, but I guess that depends on how much you're putting on each day. But I put on a small-medium amount EVERY day, and only now am I starting to need to shake the bottle to get product onto the brush.

It goes on smoothly, and I find I don't have to stretch my eyelid out to get a smooth even line. It also stays put through most things; its not waterproof, but I've cried with it on and it stays in place. Same with small amounts of moisture, like light drizzles. I only put it on my upper lid though, and I wear glasses, so that might be why. Its also a super dense black, which is nice.

Now... I'm not a liquid liner extraordinaire or anything. I'm pretty handy, but it has taken me almost the entire time of owning this liner to get any kind of decent at applying it. I was pretty good right off the bat with the Kat Von D that I was using previously, and the MAC felt tip pen I had before that. And the MAC gel liner I had before that. But... this one, I kinda feel like a moron. I suspect its the fact that the bristles of the brush are long. This can work to your advantage, but coming from the Kat Von D, it took a lot of getting used to. I also have a lot of trouble getting just a razor thin line, like I'll get one eye done and completely fuck up the other one, and thus have to make the line really thick to cover up the mistakes. I really don't know what the deal is. Although, I suspect when I eventually go back to one of the above eyeliners, I'll be really good at applying liner.

Overall, I'd say I recommend it, but be prepared for a learning curve. I think its like $6 at Ulta, but I couldn't find it on the NYX website, so it might be discontinued and they're just selling off the rest of the stock. For the price, its pretty good stuff.

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