This was going to be a how to...

...but my makeup is nothing to write home about today, ha ha.

Instead I will mention that I went out last night for beers at a super cool place called Pub Dog in Columbia, MD. They have a great and cheap beer special, which I took full advantage of and am now suffering a teeny tiny aftermath. New job requires me to get up at 5am in order to be at work by 8am (since as a beauty addict I have to have perfect and unique makeup every day and it takes time). So I went to bed last night around 12:30, and got up at 5. Note that that is not a lot of sleep. My eyes weren't puffy or anything, but I was having trouble keeping them open all the way, and they're still kinda red. So I decided to whip out what I'm told is a drag queen tip, white eyeliner on the waterline, set with white eyeshadow. I extended past both the inner and outer corner to get a little panache as well. (Do I get bonus points for the word panache?) I also used a bright blue/purple under the lashline, which helps make the whites of your eyes look whiter, giving you more of a bright-eyed and bushy tailed look. Between the white liner and blue shadow, you can't really tell that I only got 4.5 hours of sleep, right?

Again, apologies for the office lighting and my work computer built in camera, both conspire to make me look very dead-alive. I also ran out of my Inglot powder, so I'm using some bullshit Maybelline crap. Its from the FIT collection and it sucks, don't buy it.

In case anyone wants to know, stuff I'm wearing on my face is:

eyes: inglot shadows (sparkly darker taupe, lighter matte taupe and sparkly dark purple in the crease), MAC shroom on my browbone, NYX liquid eyeliner, Smashbox mascara (which i epic failed in putting on today, i have crazy spider lashes ha ha), Sephora white eyeliner mini on the waterline, set with a shimmery Sephora white shadow
face: UD setting spray, CoverFX primer, Gorgeous cosmetics foundation, UD concealer, Maybelline FIT powder, MAC blush in Rhubarb, UD setting spray again

lips: UD Pocket Rocket lipgloss in James

Tutorials will happen. I will make it happen. I want to finish my color relationships series, and I want to make a Game of Thrones series as well. I filmed one tutorial in my Game of Thrones series, but I haven't edited it yet, because... well, i'm lazy. Ha ha. Happy Friday everyone!

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